Letters To My Sister (#11)

In the very early spring of 1980 my sister and her husband flew to Inuvik to visit us!  To this day they still insist that it was a great trip and they had a terrific time.  Ann was newly pregnant with our first neice.   

Before visit letter, March 1980 

We are really happy for you – hope everything goes well, and take care of yourself!  (I’m not my mother’s daughter for nothing.)  I REALLY hope you have a girl!  Remember, Dad prefers girls, so if you want to inherit the farm…..haha.  Have you made any plans to take prenatal classes so that Murray can share the wonderful experience with you?  It’s always nice to have someone around to shout insults at.

I spent three hours with the dentist on Monday from 10:00 to 1:00.  The guy was very thorough, but would not win any speed contests.  Then I had to rush home and get K. to his appointment with the same guy.  He needed a crown – which he now refers to as his bionic tooth.  Not sure why this was necessary with a baby tooth, but anyway, he was there until 3:30!  I was a nervous wreck waiting for him, but everyone said he was good as gold.  I checked on him a couple of times, and he was lying back in the chair with his arms flung out to the sides, quite relaxed and happy.  There’s nothing he likes better than to lie around doing nothing.  He had nice long chats with everybody who came by, and seems quite willing to go back.  I sincerely hope you have a K. type child.  If they were all like that people would have them by the dozen.

Today W. leaves for Paulatuk for 10 days or more, depending on the weather, to do some more surveys, of musk-ox this time I think.  He hasn’t been off on a trip for a long time and is just itching to go.  He always comes back in a super mood, so I won’t complain.  The only thing that worries me is looking after the stupid dog while he’s away, since he gets so sulky and stubborn whenever W. leaves. 

I have a friend coming to see me this weekend to talk about having me babysit her two little girls, ages 3 and 4, five days a week from 9:00 to 5:00.  She pays $17.50 a day, and I will likely do it, because 1.)  I’m crazy, and 2.) I could use the money.  The kids (April and Laurie) are really nice little girls, and I figure since I put up with D. having friends in to play all the time (we can put a stop to that) we can have these two here all the time and get paid for it besides.  I will be a rich mental case in a matter of months. 

We have our house plans all drawn up.  What a laugh – by the time we get around to building something we will both be in our eighties.  I have even picked out all the carpeting.  I won’t bore you with the fine details, but I’m including a rough sketch.  Your comments and criticisms are welcome.  Neither one of us knows what we’re doing.

After visit letter, May 1980.

April and Laurie have been screaming and giggling all morning – I’m glad you missed this.  W. worried all the way home from the airport that Murray didn’t have a good time!  (Not sure why he’s not worried about you…haha)  We sure enjoyed having you here.  And I didn’t think I was worried about your flight until you phoned this morning and I was so relieved that you are safely home.  Guess I have a deeply imbedded paranoia about planes and cars and travelling in general.  I haven’t yet started playing scrabble by myself, but it could come to that.  D. wore the dress you gave her this morning.  And I guess I’m going to get roped into buying that doll sooner or later.  Likely sooner.  Like today – like right after lunch.  Little Miss Mouth has spoken. 

 …a few days later…

D. has broken out in spots all over.  So I presume she has the chicken pox full force this time.  Last time it must have been just a preview or something else.  It did seem before to be the mildest case on record.  I guess this is why she has been a little owly and hot, etc.  Now we’re watching K. for further developments.  AND we’re leaving for Norman Wells anyway because Danny has already had the chicken pox.  Now I have to rip around getting Deb’s mail and watering her plants for the final time.  They’ll be back on Sunday.  Isn’t all this interesting???  I hate packing because I always take WAY too much stuff.  I finished reading “The Rosedale Horror” last night.  W. said he was bored out of his mind watching me read, but he refuses to play scrabble, so I have no sympathy.  Here’s our flight info:  CP Sky Bus flight 176 June 10:  leaves Edmonton 2:30, arrives 8:30 (your time) in Toronto.  This way you can check on the flight and not be there.  ha.  See you again soon.

These were not such newsy scribbles as some of the previous ones,  since we’d probably talked eachother’s ears off all visit.  It is possible for sisters to run out of things of relevance to say.  But it is NOT possible to shut them up.

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