Thunder Storms

April 27

Thunder Storms

I really don’t have anything much to say, just wanted to post this picture because I like it.

It’s a combination of two of my favourite nature type things, a sunset and a storm. 

My parents were always freaked out by thunderstorms when we were growing up and would wake us up during the worst ones and herd us all downstairs in the middle of the night so that if a tree was hit and fell on the house we’d all be in one spot.  I never saw the sense in that, thinking that if we were more spread out at least some of us would have a chance at survival.  Maybe it was their wish that we all die in a clump.  LOL.   I suppose it should have made me afraid of bad storms, but I kind of liked sitting together in the dark counting between lightning flashes and thunder rolls, waiting for the storm to move on.  Plus my brother would make gruesome faces that would be illuminated by the lightning to make us giggle.  We were easily entertained.  Lightning did actually strike a tree close to the house once, but it was a poor little peach tree that was only about seven feet tall;  it was split in two and didn’t survive.   It wasn’t uncommon for cows out in fields to be struck.  And for farmers to lose barns.  But little kids are mostly oblivious to such things. 

My husband doesn’t share my thunder storm fascination.  He runs around closing windows and unplugging things and swearing.  Come to think of it, there’s a lot of things he does while swearing, but that’s a whole other topic.   My son always slept right through even the worst thunderstorms,  while my daughter and I would sit at the living room window and enjoy the show.  There’s just something about the banging, crackling, crashing and flashing that stirs your soul. 

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