Sunny Boy

A weird little friend,  with a strange little name that I’ve forgotten,  used to play road hockey with my son.  They used the scoop of a front end loader that was parked on the street for their goal.  This kid, who was half my son’s size and a glutton for punishment, stood in front of the scoop and tried to block K’s shots.  “Come on, sonny boy!!  Shoot it!  Shoot it!!  Arrrrggghhhhh…..  Okay, try that again – you won’t knock me down this time, SONNY BOY!”  He was hilarious.  For awhile, the nickname stuck.  You could spell it either way.    

When we lived in the north we all made ‘little while’ friends, but our son was the best at making the most.  Now he is the best at making the kind that last.  At the risk of sounding like a demented doting mom,  I have to say he has one of the sunniest personalities I’ve ever known.  I’m not talking about the fake cheery stuff either.  He just is a very happy person from the inside out.  Nobody has a stress free life, but he’s one of those lucky people who can roll with the punches and see the funny side of every situation.  He will not dwell on the negative.  The one and only time he got sent home from school was the day that a friend drew a funny picture and K. could not stop laughing about it.  What kid gets in trouble for laughing?  It was a bit out of control.  Even when we asked him to explain the problem, he could not stop giggling about it.   

He’s still a big spaghetti fan.  And a fan of good food in general.  And the kind of hot sauce that brings tears to your eyes.

He has never been afraid to improvise. 

He was influenced at a very young age by his maternal grandpa, who passed along to him an incredibly goofball sense of humor.

He has become a fun uncle and a loving and patient dad. 

I know, Kale.  He’s a bit crazy.  But if you turn out to be even a little bit like him, that will be a very good thing.

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