Egg On Your Face

My 5 year old grandson got teary when his mom said she was going to kill two birds with one stone.  To him it must have sounded like a rather horrible thing to do.  Some of our figures of speech are downright silly.   I think I’m going to try to eliminate these from my vocabulary.

– get off your high horse

– beat a dead horse

– keep your shirt on

– happy as a clam

– out like a light

– jump ship

– bury the hatchet

– get it through your thick skull

– break a leg

– hit the hay

– bag of bones

– talk the hind leg off a donkey

– scare the pants off someone

– be a stick in the mud

– be a cheeky monkey

– climb the walls

– a pig’s breakfast/a dog’s dinner

– a piece of cake

– down in the dumps

– on the wagon

– look like something the cat dragged in

– lost his marbles

– in the dog house

No wonder kids get confused.