Reindeer Games

Ho Ho Ho. 

That was a good movie, by the way.  Even though the story was completely bizarre.  I have this thing for the Ben Afleck type,  and Charlize Theron is always amazing, no matter what the script.  But that’s not the kind of reindeer games I was going to talk about.  What kinds of games do reindeer play, anyway?  Christmas raises so many questions.  I’m happy to have found an answer to at least one of them. 

This makes me wonder where they take pee breaks.  I read somewhere that’s where icicles hanging from your eaves originate.  Yuck. 

The ‘deer in the headlights’ thing has been done to death, but it’s still kinda funny.

Proof positive that there can be more than one real reason for something.

And that when you live at the north pole you have to make your own fun.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll think of something important to write about.  Like why kids take so long to question all the deluded notions that Christmas entails.  It’s fun to believe and be a kid again, though, isn’t it?  That’s the biggest reindeer game of all.  I don’t want to stop playing.

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