Fish Story

The great white fisherman returns home to our Cambridge Bay kitchen with what he says is probably the catch of his life.  (Wrong. That would be me.)  But this thing is pretty large and impressive in a slimey fishy sort of way.  I am instructed to get the camera and capture the moment.  D. cannot believe that for once it isn’t all about her, and just before the shutter clicks she manages to get her best little disappointed face into the frame.  

Okay, I tell her, stand beside Daddy’s big fish!!  Hahaha – it’s bigger than you are! I laugh.  Ewwwww – it’s big and slimey and kind of gross, thinks D.  And it smells weird. 

Look at the camera, honey, I tell her.  Give mommy a big smile sweetie!  Isn’t this fun??  Ooooops – where’s dad’s head?  Oh well.  I think maybe I got it in the first one.  Hope so, cuz there’s no flash cubes left.  HAHA!! 

Normally the great white fisherman would grumble about my lack of seriousness, but today it’s proving harder than normal to piss him off.  Big fish = good mood.  Men can be so strange.

Further proof of that would be the fact that this one decided to send his catch to a taxidermist, pay him an exhorbitant amount of cash to attach it’s petrified remains to a board, and then ask me for my opinion concerning where we should hang it. 

I don’t know why some people feel the need to ask for your opinion when they really don’t want to know what it is at all.

A couple of years later;  different location, different child, different fish.  Same photographer, so W. has learned to get down to child level if he wants his head left intact.  Appears this kid could be thinking the same sort of  ‘ewwwww smelly slimey gross’ thoughts. 

Thankfully one fish on the wall is our limit.  My mom cooked this one and we ate it.  So the story ends tragically for both fish I suppose.  But look what happy fish memories we have so lovingly saved to pass along to our kids!!  (Ewwwwww.)

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