Gator Two Step

Every so often I come across a work of art that holds me spellbound and I don’t know why.

This is another simple Erika Oller print from my page a day calendar.  I’ve been trying to decide what it is about it that makes me like it so much.  Can’t be the swamp green because that’s one of my least favourite colors EVER, although paired with the brown and off white tones it’s sort of soothing in a marshy kind of way.   Maybe it’s the alligator’s serene face, or his little spindly arms.  Or the chunky lady in the ill fitting suit, bowler hat and sensible shoes.  Mostly I guess it’s the fact that she appears to be paying rapt attention to a gator who can dance. Man, I think I need to get back into painting.  When I see something like this I miss it like crazy.

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