CI Top 3

Last night was my personal last idol show for this season. I’ll be working tonight during the results testosterone extravaganza, (Ryan, Jacob and Kalan all perform) and then I’m across the ocean when the finale airs.  I think this is maybe the very least excited I’ve ever been about a top three – perhaps because I have other things to be excited about, but I know deep down if it was the only thing on earth I had going on in my life, I’d probably still be feeling like this.  There can only be one sane outcome.  But will they go the way of complete insanity like AI did when they crowned Taylor Hicks? Anything is possible. 

Farley’s pick for Jaydee made me want to go running upstairs screaming, but I got myself under control, because I also didn’t want to miss Burton with a Texas twang. I mean, when will I ever get to experience THAT again? Break It To Them Gently was a song that Jaydee definitely tried hard to connect with, but looking like he might burst into tears at the end didn’t totally convince me. It’s still the little golden boy playing Elvis for me. Sorry Zack. I think it’s that face, and the squinty eye, and God, I don’t know. ‘Fighting for my life’ and ‘I wanna go home’ and ‘guns’ and ‘fugitives’ – that’s way too many mixed messages and I just don’t believe any of it coming from a baby faced teenager.

And then we were treated to a pre-pubescent Johnny Cash before his voice changed, ‘having fun’ (!!) with Ring of Fire. Yeah. Yeehaw! (Zack).  All in black with a guitar and a hat! (Jake).  Stick to your guns and ride that palamino! (Farley). Horn imitation. (Sass). Well, we can’t all be cowboys.

For Brian , Jake picked Whiter Shade of Pale and since that’s a song from my century I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it. It was a little understated at the beginning, then he got going, then there was an instrumental interlude. Weird. Brian seemed extremely confident and relaxed, sang it well, and rose to the challenge once again. Someone said he inhabits the emotion. I’d like to comment on that but I don’t know wtf it means.

Lightning Crashes I’m sorry to say I don’t know at all. So, if that was explosive and spectacular, well that’s good. But it went right over my head. The first three judges gave him kudos, but Zack said he sounded super tired and pitchy and that his crown just took a sideways shift. Maybe! Or maybe he just doesn’t want to peak too soon Zack! Ever think of that?? haha. Whatever. His first performance was way better, that’s for sure.

Carly Rae gets her story telling song from Zack, At Seventeen, and seriously blows the guys out of the water with that one. Nice to see she’s deep sixed the racoon eye makeup and can make everybody cry. No one holds a candle to Carly when it comes to artistry and emotion. I would love to listen to her live. (Where I could pause when she’s finished, collect myself, and then rise out of my chair.) (Thank you Farley for suggesting all that – I can totally see it happening.) I will bring a bag full of kleenex.

White Flag is another song I really like, done to death or not. Carly Rae vows to never surrender, and I say to her via my tv – You Go Girl!!  It’s okay, I was alone in the room. I love how she’s able to go from small to big and back again in one song. If you know what I mean. I guess I could have said soft to loud, but it’s so much more than that.

Carly easily wins this go-round in my books. Brian comes in second. Jaydee finishes a distant third. I’ve been seriously out to lunch on my predictions many times, but just this one time PLEASE, to the powers that be, let me be right.

And if I’m wrong, what the hell. I’m going on vacation.

I LOVE reading your comments. Sometimes I even reply to them.

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