AI Top 12!

Good thing I don’t run a newspaper!  Big “F” for me on episode one of the final countdown to idoldom.  I didn’t watch the show (again) but that’s what Youtube is for, right?  I got it all pieced together more or less, sans annoying commercial breaks, and even stayed tuned on some of the videos to hear what the judges had to say.  Randy sort of gets it.  Paula loves it to death.  Simon finds it hideous.  Ryan blathers away.  Very very difficult theme this week and next – Lennon/McCartney stuff that’s all been done before many times by dozens of artists.  Could be a gag fest, or a snooze fest, or a time for brilliance.  One never knows. 

I’m feeling like putting everyone into ‘categories’ tonight.  So here goes.   

1.  People I fully expected to bomb, but they didn’t.

Chikezie!!  OMG, what kind of weird “She’s A Woman” was that?  It was crazy in an awesome way.  I did not think he had it in him to do something so original and fun. 

Amanda did her stomping around rocker thing to “You Can’t Do That” and it was a perfectly good stomping around rocker thing.  Amazing.   I still would never buy an album by her, and hope to never end up in hospital with her as my nurse.

2.  People from whom I expected great things and they kinda  let me down.

Michael doing “Across the Universe” should have been WAY better.  Not that it was bad or anything.  It was just kind of whatever. 

Same for David A. doing “We Can Work it Out”.   Too much praise too soon for this boy perhaps. 

3.  Personal favourite no matter what he does from here on in.

Jason, doing “If I Fell”.  I really don’t care what he sings next or how he sings it.  I want to buy his CD.

4.  Those who verged on brilliant.  

Carly!  “Come Together”. Incredible.   

David C.!  “Eleanor Rigby”.  He’s become a keeper.

5.  Those who do consistenly well and I can’t get overly excited about them.

David H. “I Saw Her Standing There”.  

Syesha.  “Got to Get You Into My Life”.

Ramiele.  “In My Life”.

Brooke.  “Let It Be”. 

6.  Those who tanked.

Kristy Lee.  Only because she turned “Eight Days A Week” into a country hoedown.  Seriously.  If you didn’t hear that one, count yourself lucky.

The bottom three were David H., Syesha and Kristy Lee, with David Hernandez going home.  Kind of a disappointment when one of the best vocalists is the first to get the boot, but if you’re not a stand out in other ways, that’s how it goes.  Syesha is good, but so are a whole lot of other singers out there just like her.  And the big question on everyone’s mind now is of course what Lennon/McCartney song will Kristy countrify next?  and can those country beatle fans keep her around?  Edge of your seat stuff, without a doubt. 

One thought on “AI Top 12!

  1. Good to see you’re SOMETHING of an AI fan! 🙂 Just wanted to mention a connection of sorts. In your files you mention a Betty Leeder who married a Handspiker. I’m pretty much “the” Handspiker historian, so would be interested in exchanging e-mails regarding this connection. If you’re interested, please drop me a note at




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