AI Top 6!

The hurrieder I go the behinder I get…and since I’m not even attempting to hurry, maybe I should just be brief.  AI will be finished and I’ll be stuck somewhere pondering the top three….

I hope to hell they never ever attempt an Andrew Lloyd Webber night again.  What exactly was good about that?  I can’t think of anything off-hand.

Well, okay I suppose I can if I try super hard.  Syesha and David C. did okay with the theme.  David A. was told to keep his eyes open and he did, and looked slightly less on the verge of tears.  It’s so much easier to say what was bad.  Carly seems to consistently keep picking a key just almost out of her range and then shouting the high parts.  Brooke completely bungled everything but used her puppy dog face to hang in there.   Jason will never make it to Broadway.  I expect that doesn’t make him too sad though.

So the two Davids are declared safe first.  I can picture a two David finale in the making.  Jason and Brooke are also declared safe.  Everyone wonders why.  Into the bottom two go Syesha and Carly, and Carly is done.

And of course with THAT result, things will get a bit ugly, but the show thrives on the controversy.  I hope Carly gets a great recording contract.  I’ll miss seeing her next week.


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