A Vintage Thanksgiving Day

So that’s all she wrote for another Thanksgiving Day. Ours was nice and quiet and I did my honest to goodness best to not cook enough food for sixteen starving families this year.  D. was still able to cart home a lot of leftovers even though the turkey was the smallest one I could find.  Perhaps one day my grandaughter will look back on this day as a kind of vintage celebration, if she remembers it at all.  We had Christmas crackers featuring the ‘thanksgiving reindeer’.  That in itself should be memorable.  She ate brussels sprouts, perhaps still too young to realize that kids are supposed to hate those things.  I cooked the turkey upside down in honor of my mother, and the whole thing was super moist, just like hers always was when she plopped it into the roaster breast side down.  The stuffing I did in the crock pot, where it turns out just as yummy with WAY less mess than trying to dig it out of the poor bird later in a big soggy blob.  I’m very big on no mess.  Although looking at my kitchen this afternoon you’d never guess that.

And speaking of poor birds – the vintage Thanksgiving pictures, which people used to send to eachother on post cards way back in the day, are enough to make you totally rethink your main course.  About 99% of them feature a freaked out turkey fleeing for it’s life from a crazed axe weilding madman.  Underneath a beautifully scripted and pleasant enough greeting, but still.


And then there’s this rather disturbing theme, where children harnessed up giant turkeys and rode around on monster pumpkins, some of them dangerously armed with over sized blunt cutlery. That gives you a whole different kind of nightmare.

So let’s all be thankful that this kind of thing no longer happens, shall we? And that most people these days don’t even own an axe.

A joyful day to you.

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