It’s a LAPTOP!

Thanks to my son, I now have a whole new exciting bunch of stuff to confuse the hell out of me!  I am the happy owner of a laptop HP Notebook, wireless router, network connection blah blah blah.  With a wireless mouse because mouse keypad things make me crazy.  Although the one on this computer is actually not too bad at all.  And because there were a lot of little people around all weekend it was hard to sit down for any length of time and experiment with things, although no shortage of offers to HELP me do that.  So K. did everything, and gawd help me if I screw it all up because he’s a bit too far away to be getting a frantic phone call from his mother every time something needs to be sorted out. 

Okay!  That’s all I wanted to say about that, except that (all on my own) this morning I imported some pictures from my camera card to this computer.  So perhaps there’s hope for me after all.