It’s Snowing!

What an interesting couple of days off I’m having!  A comment on my ‘ancestors’ page has opened up a whole new little world of interesting people I’m related to – names I’d heard over the years from my mom, but never took the time to clarify exactly how the various relationships came about.  The lovely person who contacted me has a great great grandfather who was my great grandfather’s brother.  I hope I got that right.  Her grandma knew mom well, and apparently wrote to her when she was in the care centre.  Mom would have been absolutely delighted to know that we’ve made this small connection.  And now I’m wishing I’d paid attention when she talked about these Scott family relations, because this family tree stuff is quite fascinating. 

Our Christmas tree is up.  After an entire day of messing around on the computer I let my feelings of extreme guilt about not caring that it’s December already get the better of me at last.  I’m not sure that sentence made any kind of grammatical sense, but long story short, the tree is in the living room and covered with sparkly things.  I’m making a solemn promise to myself that this is the last time I’m going to wrestle with a tree of this size.  I’ll try to find a smaller more manageable pre-lit one in the post Christmas sales and never again fight with strings of lights and stupid bubbler things that W. loves dearly and I don’t.  They’re too heavy for the branches, won’t stand up straight and half the time don’t bubble anyway.  And another startling discovery I made yesterday is that a glass ornament will shatter if it drops onto a laminate floor.  Sigh.  One point for carpeting I guess. 

The ‘proper eating’ plan I implemented way back whenever that was is still happening, surprisingly enough.  It’s quite amazing how much better I feel physically.  And even mentally, since I’m no longer tired of complaining that I’m tired.  Because I’m not so much.  Except when I sit up reading until 2:00 a.m.  

And that ‘snowing’ comment I started off with – well, it’s not anymore.  There’s a skiff of the stuff on the driveway and that’s it.  I was hoping for more so that I could happily write my Christmas cards in some kind of proper snow induced mood.  But nature is not co-operating. 

I can’t believe I just more or less wished for snow.  Time to get out in the cold and give my head a good shake I think.  And not wait until the day is nearly over to get a few things accomplished.

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