Who Are the Old Aunts Now?


This is my Aunt Marguerite and my mom posing in some bushes.  I honestly don’t know any more about the circumstances of this picture than that.  They are both looking rather pink and pretty. 


Aunt Marie, Aunt Winnie, Aunt May and Aunt Marguerite in Aunt Marguerite’s kitchen in Dryden on Dingwall Parkway.  Anyone who has recently been in MY kitchen will recognize the giant spoon and fork that mom rescued from Marguerite’s son Murray as he was putting them into the trunk of his car after they didn’t sell at a yard sale, and which she subsequently gave to me and which I greatly treasure, simply because of whose they were and where they used to hang.


Aunt Marguerite, Aunt May and Aunt Margaret (mom) on what looks like a fall outing perhaps in a park.  Who knows where.   

I can’t remember who said it to me this fall, but someone suddenly declared out of the blue that WE’RE the old aunts now.  Perhaps it was my sister Ann, one of the active members of the current Old Aunt’s group.  What a startling realization.  And then my son K. remarked that he would have known our cousin June was related to us, even if he’d met her on the street, the family resemblence was so great.  What a compliment to me and Ann, although maybe not so much to June, who was always a strikingly beautiful girl.  Now she’s a white haired grandma!  And  beautiful still. We are descended from a long line of splendiferous people, obviously.  Delightful, inside and out.  What a privilege it is to be an aunt!  What an honor to be an old one!!

(How in the world did this happen so abruptly with all of us unaware??)

One thought on “Who Are the Old Aunts Now?

  1. Hello Linda.
    Guess who s this?
    Lovely blog of families and lots to say.
    please e mail me keep in touch.
    I m sorry about your mom and dad.


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