What I’m Going to do Next

Well who ever really knows that for sure, but we do make plans, don’t we.  Okay – I’m off to Vancouver tomorrow.  All expenses paid for a Pharmacist/Optician Continuing Education Conference.  In all the written stuff they’ve given us, Pharmacist always comes before Optician, because pharmacists are VASTLY more important, even though O comes before P in the alphabet.  It’s just one of  the many little bones of contention festering in the hearts of opticians since our two departments were joined at the hip.  Well maybe only in my heart, but our DM is a pharamcist who looks down his nose at us as professionals and does not respect our work so I’ve decided to just lump the whole lot of them together.  He  originally thought dispensing glasses should be as simple as dispensing pills.   Just fill the prescription- why are you spending so much TIME with these people?  He’s gotten better since they made him give a talk on all the criteria involved in interpreting and filling a glasses Rx at the last manager’s meeting.  Which was all quite hilarious in itself, him explaining what information we need to get from and give to the patient.  But I digress.  As usual. 

I think it might have been a pharmacist who made up the timetable, although I could be wrong. It might also have been a room full of monkeys.  I arrive in Vancouver at 8:00 a.m. on April 3rd.  The optical program begins at noon and runs until 4:00p.m.  I guess I will just have a very long breakfast.  Check in time is after 3:00. So do I take my luggage with me for the first 4 hours?   The conference kicks off with a Welcome Reception at 6:00 pm.   Ummmm….what was that first 4 hours – warm up?  The conference concludes at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, but check out time is noon.  This is all information taken directly from my faxed confirmation, stamped REVISED at the top because the first one had me rooming with a co-worker who suddenly was not allowed to attend since only one person from every Vision Center can go this year (they tell you the rules after you apply), although three people went last year from ours, and there are several Vision Centers that aren’t sending anyone this year.  Does that not open up some extra space?  Whatever.  Now I’m staying with a complete stranger.  From Manitoba.  Or Mars.  I’m not trusting anything I read as the gospel truth just yet.

On top of everything else, I have developed a stupid head cold just in time to go flying.  Someone up there hates me.  So although I fully expected to be mildly unhappy, I did NOT anticipate being completely miserable.  Perhaps if I hack and cough and sniffle all night long my Martian roomate will get her own room.  I had thought of doing that myself actually, but decided to spend my money on cold medications instead and be winged out for three days.  That should improve my attitude to some degree. 

This is the 9th Annual WM CE Conference, although it will be year two for opticians being included, but we’re not important enough for them to restart the count.   My flight home on Sunday is at 6:30 p.m.  Perhaps I’ll be so dazed by all that education that I’ll require 4 hours to find my way back to the airport.  And then I get to go back to work the next day where it will all still be very fresh in my mind so that I’ll be able to complain about it for my entire shift making it highly improbable that they will EVER let me attend another one of these things.  All’s well that ends well I suppose.

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