Dance Sing Floss and Travel

I was eating my lunch at work a couple days ago, staring at a lululemon shopping bag with those words on it.  Getting annoyed.  Man, some days it doesn’t take much, does it?  But I’ll tell you why.

I can’t dance.  So don’t ask me.  Can’t sing either.  Well the truth is, I CAN do both of those things, but badly, so why torture myself.  The floss part is good advice I suppose, but I’m just tired of having everybody nag at me about personal hygiene when they don’t even know me.  And travel!  Travel yourself!  I HATE the travelling part of travel.  Why can’t we all just stay at home and look at pictures while we wait for somebody to invent teleporting.

It’s just a very bossy slogan.  I don’t like it.