Things you didn’t realize…..

…..until it was too late.

Drew that card out of the box last night and was stumped.  Left it until this morning.  Still stymied.  Yes it does sometimes take me awhile to ‘get’ things;  the little light bulb is sometimes slow to pop on, but it’s that last part that I can’t deal with.  It’s never too late.  If your original big picture doesn’t pan out exactly the way you thought it would, then you just rearrange your big picture.  And life goes on.

An original Edison light bulb from 1879 from T...

An original Edison light bulb from 1879 from Thomas Edison’s shop in Menlo Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, maybe I’m taking this way more philosophically than it was intended.  I didn’t realize there was glass on the car seat until I brushed away some crumbs, felt a stabbing pain in the palm of my hand and began to bleed profusely.  But it wasn’t too late to save some unsuspecting soul from sitting on that seat and getting a glass cut on his or her butt.  So that worked out well.

I didn’t realize giving birth was such a painful experience until I was in labour.  And then it was too late to make myself unpregnant.  Although having the baby accomplished the unpregnant thing.  Then I didn’t realize how easy it was to forget about the whole labour thing until I was in the midst of it for the second time.  And then it was too late to have an only child.  Doh.

I didn’t realize this stupid card would make me crazy until after I read it, and then it was too late.


Are you kidding me?  TWO cards in a row that it’s almost impossible to answer??  Men know more about growing beards.  I think that’s it.  Next card please.

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