Free Forever

I’m so proud of my addicted little self!  I have been playing Evony – Free Forever for the past month or so, and wasting SO much time on a game that makes me nervous and crazy.  Why, why, WHY??  I can only shrug and roll my eyes, because that’s what the inexplicable makes me do.  Last night I decided to pack it in.  I started transporting all my resources, including millions in gold,  to a fellow alliance member who happened to be close by – when he logs in he’ll think he hit some kind of mysterious jack pot.  I stopped all training of troops, raised taxes in both cities to 100 percent, watched the populations drop and the happiness levels plumet.  Did some big tax levy things to further deteriorate morale.  Dropped out of the alliance, abandoned my second city, and finally sent all my troops on a suicide mission to a level ten barbarian city.  I didn’t even wait around to witness the casualties.  Deleted my links and shortcuts and unsubscribed to Evony.  Forever.  So now I am Evony Free.  Forever.  What a flaming relief.