Twenty Ten

I have a brand new addiction for 2010.  It’s an amazon kindle.  Absolutely fabulous.  I could go on and on and on, but it’s easy enough to look up.  Google kindle.  Reading has become a whole new exciting experience.  I want to down load everything!

We had a lovely Christmas, btw.  Family makes Christmas.  We are truly blessed.  It takes being on the verge of ancient to really appreciate that.  When you’re young and healthy and busy you spend way too much time obsessing about stuff that in the long run doesn’t really matter.  Wanting everything to be perfect and then it turns out that the imperfections are what you remember and cherish.


Our five gorgeous grandchildren.  Kind of scary how fast they’re growing up.






And baby M. makes six.  She won’t remember this Christmas, but that little face will be unforgettable for all of us, no matter what the future brings.

I’m on book number three since Christmas.  Not that I didn’t read before, but now it’s just such electronic FUN!  I’ll have to start book blogging again!  You have been warned!  And that’s not just another idle threat, I swear.