Feast Eve of St. Vincent of Saragossa

Apparently that’s what tonight is, so yet another reason to celebrate, unless of course your beer is mothery (thick, mouldy, stale.)  I’m a little disappointed, since I thought the meaning of mothery was going to be something much more mother-y.

It’s also not clear to me why St. Vincent was honoured with a “Day”.  His only claim to fame (other than the fact that he was a martyr for his faith) seems to have been a reputation for excessive drink.  He was a patron of wine and vinegar makers, as well as drunkards.  So why is this morose looking fellow not pictured waving a wine glass in the air (or at the very least a vinegar cruet).  Maybe its a  hangover that’s making him look a tad gloomy.  It’s giving me a headache trying to imagine what a drunkard patron does exactly.  Whatever.  Any excuse for a party.  Boozer Defender Day.  Bottoms up!

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