This Plinky Thing


Sign above "da plinky boat"

Sign above “da plinky boat” (Photo credit: shirokazan)

Just might be fun!  It’s a blog prompt!  For the brain-dead, who want to blather away but need help coming up with a topic!

It’s like having someone give a little push to that creaky door behind which you store your long-lost memories.  Time to reach in, pull one out, dust if off, and deliberate.  Is it good, bad or ugly?  Somewhere in there I’m going to come across a completely amazing one, I just have this feeling.   So ask away Plinky my friend.  I’m ready to start digging.

My Favorite Quote

 “Life is like a soft ripe melon; so sweet and such a mess. ” Joan Baez.

Someone told me once that I looked like Joan Baez. Gawd, I loved that guy. He was a complete mess, but sweet as honey. He wanted to be Mick Jagger and he could sing the absolute best ever heard rendition of “Hey, you! Get off-a my cloud!” Well, to my ears anyway. Even threw in some Jagger-like gestures. I wore my dark hair long and straight and longed to be a hippy. So we were Joan and Mick without the talent and absolutely no musical future and not a care in the world. We had a summer of amazing crazy fun. It was one of the best times of my life.

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