Weirdest Pet Peeve

It’s all about that toilet paper roll.

It must unroll from the top, and not the bottom.

When you leave the bathroom it must be left completely rolled up, no loose end flapping in the current from the vent. And if I have to roll it up after it’s been left like that, it grates on my nerves like you would not believe if it doesn’t roll up evenly. And for the love of God please rip it off cleanly at a perforation. I will always notice your toilet paper transgressions because I can’t stand paper lint behind it on the holder and must dust that off daily.

I also insist that the shower curtain be pulled across the tub and not left pulled back in a wet clump. But at least there’s a reason for that one involving musty smells and possible mildew. There’s no sane reason for the toilet tissue roll hang-up thing at all.

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