A Month Without Internet?

When you have no internet, you can put together a puzzle on a flowered table cloth while drinkiing rum, under the watchful eye of a ceramic dog. Not saying I recommend it really, but anything to pass the time.

Could I survive a month without the internet? Are you kidding?? Already been there, done that, and lived to tell about it! Yay me!! Now ask me how I LIKED it……

The answer is – not so much. It was more than a month – six weeks in fact (but who’s counting….) spent at our family cottage a couple of summers ago. The only electricity there is supplied by a gas-powered generator, but most of the time it’s off all day and only used when the sun goes down. We can plug things in to recharge batteries, but my laptop was new then and I was afraid a power surge might fry something, so I left it at home. Besides, I’d done this holiday lots before for a couple of weeks at a time with no computer, so how hard could three times that amount of time actually be? You know, before I started singing ‘they’re coming to take me away..haha…”

Well. The first couple of weeks were easy because I was just too busy to think about it. We had kids and grandkids and dogs and crafts and campfires and a gazillion life jacket buckles to do up and undo. Then one family left, taking the majority of the kids and dogs, so we had a bit of a wind-down (where yes, the internet did cross my mind). Then family number two departed and I suddenly had all kinds of time on my hands. But no worries yet, there were books to read, rays to catch, puzzles to put together, paintings to finish, rum and cokes to consume.

Towards the end of the holiday I admit I started dreaming about my e-mail. And brilliantly witty status updates for Facebook. And my poor neglected blog. I would finish sentences to my husband with things like LOL, or BRB, or TTYL inside my head. I feared it was only a matter of time before I blurted them out loud. Thank Gawd for the DS and Princess Peach! She kept me sane until the game died a horrible death from over use.

So! I don’t really want to talk about this anymore. I’m getting a little creeped out remembering those weeks of internet deprivation. Let’s just say I embraced my lap top on my return (no really, I hugged and kissed it!) and promised to never go away and leave it all alone again.

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