Death Penalty

Crime Scene

There’s no simple agree or disagree about this for me. But who wants to play God? Even when a soul is so lost, and has committed such abhorrent crimes, that he no longer deserves to live? Who can make that judgement?

Not to make light of it, but have you ever had to put a pet down? Even if you know it’s miserable, and you are distressed by its horrible habits and distraught about its poor health and you know in your heart it’s the kindest thing to do; on the way home from the vet’s office do you have any idea how wretched and despondent you will feel, and how incredibly heartsick with guilt?

Is the death penalty a punishment, or merely a release from hell on earth? I don’t know. Maybe it’s worse to be locked up somewhere for the rest of your life and have to live with yourself and the despicable things you’ve done.

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