Something I Learned Yesterday

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a really smart guy! On my lunch break I was leafing through the March issue of “Men’s Journal” (the strangest things materialize in our lunch room) and came across this interview

and read the whole thing from start to finish! That’s a pretty amazing thing all on its own. But more amazing to me were some of the deep and insightful things he had to say about women, love, being a parent, and life in general.

A couple of excerpts:

What do women know about us that we never know about ourselves?

Forget “about us” — they know things in general, instinctively. Women can see through their own guy’s shit better than anybody can. And really quick. A woman can size up another woman in about 30 seconds……. And they are right all the time. Dead right. They are working on a wavelength that men could never get to.

How does a man remind himself to live in the moment?

I’m glad we’re talkin’ about this. Embrace your death. Make friends with it. Know it’s out there. Tickle it under the chin, and just know that it’s coming. And not in a bad or morbid way — or an “Oh, God, I’m going to die someday” way — but use it as motivation. Use it as an impetus to get everything you want to do in this lifetime done before you die. I was raised in a generation that was saving money for a rainy day: “Don’t do anything too rash while you’re young; save it all for when you’re older.” Well, I think it’s rainin’ right now. I think live it up.

Take a minute or two and read through the things he has to say! There are some gems in there.

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