Swear Words – Pro or Con?

Profanity :O!

Over-use and mis-use are the real culprits here, not so much the words themselves. I know people who cannot put a sentence or an idea or an observation together without peppering it with profanities.

I think it’s wildly inappropriate to exclaim “God Damn, it’s a fucking beautiful morning!” There are better adjectives to express that sentiment. Curse words don’t actually make a lot of sense in this context. They simply make the user appear to have a rather limited vocabulary.

If I had a doctor who said “Jesus Christ, it looks like you’ve got a God damned sinus infection! Let’s get you some fucking medication for that. Where the fuck did I put my jesus prescription pad?” I would probably rethink my choice of medical professional. Well, after I stopped laughing, of course.

Words have power when we respect their meaning and select them with care and use them sparingly. If a kid thinks too many things are ‘fucking awesome’ I don’t really know what he means after the 96th time he’s made that same comment about everything from sky diving to his breakfast cereal. There’s a place for swear words in our language, but they shouldn’t be a crutch for everyday use. Look up some different descriptive words and phrases. Get a thesaurus, goddamnit.

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