What I Believe

No, I wouldn’t describe myself as being spiritual or religious. At least neither of those words comes immediately to mind when I consider ME. Frankly, I’m getting rather bored describing myself every other Plinky prompt. Or maybe I’m just tired and up too late to be pleasant. I could have just zipped off some flippant answer this morning before work but I thought this question deserved more thought and consideration. Now at the end of the day I can no longer imagine anyone even remotely caring what I do or do not believe.

So of course I feel compelled to tell you anyway.

I believe that it is important to let the past go. There are no time machines and no do-overs. We can only move on. I believe it is pointless to worry myself sick about the future imagining every possible horror that could happen. I believe it is possible to live simply and joyfully in the present moment. So most days I don’t believe in reading the newspaper which is always full of depressing crap.

I believe there is no heaven except the one I create for myself, right here, right now. There is no hell except the one I choose to dwell in right here on earth. I have the power to make changes, or the power to accept the things I cannot change and to make peace with them.

I believe in everyone’s freedom of choice and that they can believe or disbelieve any brilliant or stupid thing they want as long as it causes no one else harm. My daughter decided at the age of 9 to believe in reincarnation, because she wanted to make sense of death, and that belief made her happy. (Much happier than her little friend’s notion that if she didn’t go to church every Sunday and get herself saved that she’d end up in hell.)

If your beliefs aren’t a source of joy and happiness to you, better get yourself some new ones. I believe that there are many things on this earth that cannot be stuffed into little boxes and sealed and labeled, right or wrong, black or white, religious, spiritual, scientific, perfectly sane or just plain weird. Everything’s a lovely mix. Pick the things that lift you up and set you free.

And God or Buddha or The Great Fairy King please forgive me if I ever try to force my beliefs on anyone else, no matter how honorable my intentions.

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