A Place in the World

Just seeing the word “favorite” on my computer screen is suddenly making me want to spit. Or gag, or some such unlady-like thing. Sorry, but I don’t know what my favorite place in the world is, because I haven’t been everywhere yet.

So here’s where home is at the moment. Nicely far away from huge bodies of water. Not too close to the equator or the north pole. Mountains on one side, prairies on the other. Sky above and earth below.

For one insane moment this morning I contemplated putting a post-it note face up on the floor and rolling a globe down the hallway to see on which part of the world it would choose to stick itself. And then that could have been my new all time favorite place in the world. But with my luck it might have ended up somewhere in the North Atlantic, making my ‘choice’ difficult to justify.

So I’ll just be vague and say Canada would be on my list of nice places in the world to be. I’ve been to Scotland, and it’s nice too.

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