Ever since I wrote that Hurdy Gurdy blog I’ve had Donovan songs in my head.  Like Mellow Yellow.  And last night at four o’clock in the morning (seriously – insomniac-ac-ac…but that’s Billy Joel, so never mind) I got to wondering why there aren’t songs about every color.  Why should yellow get all the attention?   So here’s my ‘poem’ for black.  Please feel free to set it to music.


Ack!  Flack.

Mac says slack.

Lack the knack.

Hit the road, Jack.

Was that the sack?



Slip out the back.

Into the Black.

Freedom attack.

Well, that was simple enough.

Good thing I didn’t start with orange.

No Pick Up Line Required

Playing guitar

University residence party 1970.

Long haired and bearded guitar player at the bottom of the stairs looks up at me and asks if I have any requests.

Do you know Gentle on my Mind? First thing that pops into my head.

He strums something unrecognizable. Shifts the instrument, starts again. Stops. Looks up at me with a shrug and a brilliant smile.

Guess not.

It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

The simple sweet beginning.

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