42% Captivated

“Ruprecht Van Doren is an overweight genius. Daniel “Skippy” Juster is his roommate. In the grand old Dublin institution that is Seabrook College for Boys, nobody pays either of them much attention. But when Skippy falls for Lori, the Frisbee-playing Siren from the girls’ school next door, suddenly all kinds of people take an interest. A fatal doughnut-eating race and the ensuing tragedy will explode Seabrook’s century-old complacency and bring all kinds of secrets into the light, until teachers and pupils alike discover that the fragile lines dividing past from present, love from betrayal—and even life from death—have become almost impossible to read … “(Amazon description)

I am always drawn into a book by its title. So if you want someone like me to read a book you’ve written, give it the weirdest name you can think of. This one must have come up on an Amazon book list because I’ve downloaded it to my Kindle and I’m 42% into it, as per the helpful little things that kindle tells me at the bottom of the screen.

Skippy dies in the first chapter, pretty much on the first few pages; then we skip back to the ‘beginning’ to see what leads up to that. This has saved me (or prevented me) from reading the last chapter first, which I sometimes do in a mystery because I can’t stand the suspense of not knowing what happens in the end. And I like to see how the author develops the plot to come to whatever conclusion. So no, this strange habit doesn’t ruin a book for me, it makes it better. Although there still could be some kind of twisted ending to this one; you never know.

So the captivating voice? Has an Irish accent?? I don’t know. Every book has something captivating about it for someone, even if it’s just the name on the cover, otherwise there would be no point in publishing it. I’m liking this book; if I try too hard to analyze the reasons why, I’m afraid I won’t like it so much anymore.

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