Jamais Vu

Experiencing feelings of deja vu is so foreign to me that if it ever happened it must have been such a long time ago that I’ve now completely forgotten about it.

I imagine the feeling is probably triggered by an almost, but not quite, lost memory which surfaces suddenly and briefly for no apparent reason, making us think we’ve said or done this same thing before. And chances are we actually did say or do something similar but just weren’t paying attention the first time around.

So here’s my problem; I don’t pay attention the second time around either. So I often experience the opposite of deja vu, which is jamais vu (already seen/never seen – I looked it up)

Somehow this seems to me to be a more unsettling thing to have happen. A familiar situation is momentarily totally unfamiliar. A word is not recognizable. A face I know well is fleetingly that of a stranger. A route I’ve taken many times, for a few panicky seconds, has me completely baffled and lost.

I can totally relate to the Alzheimer patient roommates who introduce themselves to each other every morning. Until they forget their own names I guess.

Do you have the feeling that you’ve heard all this before? Sorry. It’s all new to me.

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