Heart or Head?

Head or Heart?

It’s a lovely partnership, actually.

Head says, what do you think of this path, Heart? It seems the most logical and sensible one to take; there are many rewards along the way, but it won’t be easy. Will you break?

Heart says no, I believe what you say. I can be strong. I will survive.

Heart says let’s go this way now! Look – the path is full of joy at every turn. I will fly, I will sing!

Head says, but the path is short and dangerous and may end badly. You will ache when it’s over.

Heart says the risk is part of the thrill. Don’t be one of those stubborn heads that later regrets not following the heart when it mattered the most.

Head smiles and agrees to stop thinking for a while. If nothing else, the memories that heart makes on this path will be worth the pain.

Sometimes one leads, and sometimes one follows. But most of the time they walk together along life’s paths, side by side.

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