A Short Little Time Waster


Ooooohhh – it’s list time again!

Just for fun I googled “I waste” to see what other people think they’re wasting, and the most interesting thing that came up was “I waste The Buddah with my crossbow.” Funny, but not all that helpful.

Every day I suppose I waste all the usual things that we’re careless with:

1. Time

2. Energy

3. Food

4. Money

5. Gas

6. Water

7. Non-renewable resources

8. Coffee. I brew a full pot and only drink half of it.

9. My beautiful mind

10 My extraordinary life

This is like playing family feud. Did I get all the top answers? The real question here should be

“Why do we think these things have been WASTED?”

Every moment of every day is a learning experience, and therefore nothing is ever wasted because everything contributes to something else. In a big round vicious wasteful circle.

So get over yourself, daydream, take the bus, recycle. And have yourself a lovely wasteful day.

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