When In Doubt, Talk About the Weather


Sorry, but I cannot get my head around the concept of ‘first date’ at this stage in my life. Might as well ask me to describe my first steps, or how I’m going to react when pigs fly.

Why must pauses be considered awkward? I like it when people shut up for five minutes.

One day at work a man from Great Britain (he wasn’t more specific than that) told me that he’d never been anyplace before where people were so obsessed with discussing the weather. I guess if you feel the need to fill up the silence with inane chatter that’s as safe a topic as any. (Or maybe not.)

I do love a good rain storm.

(Not me. Deathly afraid of thunder and lightning.)

Hate the cold and the snow though, and these bulky winter clothes.

(Oh, winter is my favourite season!)

I prefer the hot summer sun – I’d spend every day at the beach if I could!

(I get a terrible rash from the sun. My skin burns. Have to avoid it.)

Autumn is nice. All the colors.

(Depressing. Everything dies.)

This is never going to work out.


Huh. At last we agree.

…..Awkward pause…..

How do you feel about bowling?


Date abruptly ends.

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