Can of worms Plinky! “Why do you believe in ghosts? If you don’t, what would it take to get you to believe?”

A ghost is defined as being the soul or spirit of a deceased person. So, since I believe in souls and spirits, I guess I must be a ghost believer of sorts.

Is a ghost capable of appearing in visible form or otherwise manifesting itself to the living, or able to haunt a particular location or cause harm? I have no real personal experience with any of those things.

Are ghosts demons or angels? Banshees? Poltergeists? What is the Holy Ghost and demonic possesion? Why do ghosts wear clothes? Way too many questions to answer without a lot more time and thought.

My daughter and my sister have both been to different psychics, at different times and at opposite ends of the country. But both of them got beautiful and similar “messages” from a laughing handsome gentleman they each believe to be grandpa/dad. He’s been gone for two years, but it’s comforting to think he’s out there somewhere, watching over us.

And that’s the thing about believing in something. If it gives you peace and makes you happy and doesn’t freak you out or mess with the minds of the people close to you, then why not? And if you’ve never actually encountered what you believe in, I guess that’s called faith.

Or foolishness. Take your pick.

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