Best Compliment

I don't know about this whole grey hair thing. I've been covering it up for probably twenty years, since the first sign of those silvery streaks in the dark brown. Then it went all splotchy, so I went with progressively lighter hi-lites, until finally it was pretty much all blonde. And then I let it all grow out while snipping off the colored ends and now it's salt and pepper, but mostly salt. And that's my hair evolution story.

Now I look at pictures of Judi Dench and Jamie Lee Curtis and see that obviously they're looking just fine with the silvery locks. So why am I concerned that the grey makes me look old? I AM old. I earned this hair. Might as well embrace it.

When friends, or people in my family, tell me they like it, that makes me happy that they're being so supportive and nice. But then when a complete stranger raves about how lovely it is – well that's just weird. And somehow makes it more believable, because why would she do that unless my 'gorgeous hair colour' inspired her to comment on it out of the blue.

Compliments are nice. I don't know why it's so hard for me to take them seriously, because I don't give them out myself unless I mean them sincerely.

So yeah. Lovin' my hair. Sort of. Sometimes. Thank you strange complimentary lady for the little ego boost.

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