It’s November!

And that’s exciting because – – – – – I have only twelve more days to work before taking six weeks off in anticipation of collecting early CPP!  My plans for that time off include going up early for Christmas to the ‘ranch’  before the rest of the crew arrives.  So of course I need to get myself all organized, but have done absolutely nothing so far.  Because it wasn’t even November yet.  But now it is.

And that means Hallowe’en has come and gone.  Warmest one on record here since 1981, and a huge flop as far as getting rid of our ‘candy’ goes.  (I gave out little boxes of cereal.)  Maybe word spread!  But there were fruit loops!!  Honestly, about 30 kids;  that’s it. 

Yesterday morning I attended an optical seminar downtown at the Union Bank Inn on Jasper.  We had to be there at 8:00 a.m., and had sort of a clue where it was, so did some wandering around and running to cross streets against red lights.  That’s how dead Jasper Ave is on a Sunday morning.  Rather weird thing to be doing before dawn on the 31st,  but the speakers were actually very good and they gave us breakfast and all the coffee we could consume.  And of course some education credits for our licenses, which was the whole point.

I’ve gone the distance playing Angry Birds Lite, Angry Birds, and Angry Birds Hallowe’en.  Yes, I am addicted to flinging virtual birds at helmeted or be-pumpkined pigs and blowing them up.  It’s insane.  Now I have to go back and make three stars on each game in every level.  I HAVE to.  Don’t make me explain why.  It’s extremely complicated.

So here’s to a November with only twelve work days in it.  An extended holiday.  An all star rating in a meaningless game.  No snow.  Just slipped that one in to see if you were paying attention.  Cheers!

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