Hello Little Spider Goodbye

Calgary Alberta Daddy Long Legs Spider Forest

Eww, ick, gag, etc. I wish I could be one of those people who removes a living spider from the house to the great outdoors, but I'm not. No spider who reveals his presence to me has ever made it out of my house alive.

I've never seen them anywhere in the house except for the basement where we have a fireplace, so I assume they hitch a ride inside on the firewood.

Sorry all you poor harmless little creatures, but if you stay hidden in the woodbox you'll eventually go up in flames; and if you are silly enough to venture forth you'll meet your death by kleenex squish and toilet flush.

I like you just fine if you stay outside under the leaves or hidden in the grass where good little spiders belong. Do that, and I promise I won't hunt you down.

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