Boredom is so Boring

"The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings." Robert Louis Stevenson

Being idle enough to become bored is such a luxury, I aspire to it daily. But there's always something to do so boredom rarely presents itself for my perusal.

As children we learned never EVER to say the "B" word around our mom, because her miracle cure for that was to find us something work related to do. And in a big old farm house beside a field sized garden the possibilities were endless. Best to keep busy with some kind of absorbing project of our own making, preferably out of auditory range.

By no stretch of the imagination am I the most interesting person I know, but for some oddball reason I thoroughly enjoy my own company. I love my computer and my I-Phone and my DSI. There are so many games to play, and some of them, believe it or not, acutally require brain cell activity. I would consume the contents of ten books a day if it were possible to do that. It's incredibly interesting and exciting for me to flip through the movie channels on tv and then find something better to do with my time. Like making long lists of things I should be working on and then getting sidetracked by that thousand page novel I've set aside for a rainy afternoon.

There is just no room for boredom in my life. Or yours either. Even though this little blurb may have bored the living shit out of you. (I just threw that in there because I could sense your attention wandering…..)

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