Close Your Eyes

My work life has been wrapped around eyeballs for twenty years. I’ve worked for eye surgeons and optometrists and have a dual opticians license (glasses and contact lenses.) Why anyone in their right mind in the normal world would want to sit down for a half hour reality show about that is hard to fathom.

But I think people might tune in to a show with an unusual name, so I’ve made a list of possibilities:

Perilous Optical Exploits of the Impoverished Unknown

Optical Delusions

The Naked Eye for the Single Guy

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Fix Your Eyes on This

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Adventures in Visual Acuity

The Perceptive Perspicacity of Percy’s Pupils

Depth Perception

Short Sighted Shockers

The Prehistoric Presbyope

I’m pretty sure it took longer to type this list than the show would last before being cancelled for lack of interest. Or perhaps even lack of notice in the first place, except maybe for some excessive eye rolling.

I like my life and what I do, but putting it out there and expecting other people to find it entertaining?? Not in the least realistic.

(Although a cartoon show about a kid named Percy who perceives perplexing peculiarities has its possibilities. For fun tongue twisters that make your eyes cross, if nothing else.)