What charities do I support, and why? The list is long.

Foundations for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, Kidney, Lung, Breast Cancer, Arthritis, AIDS, Burns, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, local hospitals.

Emergency Relief, Kid’s Help Phone, Women’s Shelters, Ronald McDonald House, Guide Dogs for the Blind, CNIB, Food Banks, Easter Seals.

Humane Society, SPCA, Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Have I missed any? Probably, It’s amazing to me how much need there is in this world. I support local runs and walks and drives for whatever looks to me to be a deserving cause.

Why? Because people ask. Pamphlets arrive in the mail. Volunteers come knocking. I imagine that my small donations may help to make a difference.

Now I’m trying to figure out my motivation for answering this question. Who out there cares in the slightest where my charity dollars go? It shouldn’t be important to anyone but me.

My mother had the most generous, unselfish and giving heart of anyone I ever knew. I aspire to be like her. Perhaps this list helped to remind me that I’m working on that goal, and that some day maybe I’ll get there.

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