I’m trying to figure out where all the various days in December disappeared to when I wasn’t paying attention.  This is a picture of a pre-Christmas one-gift opening for my five favourite little people;  Kale (9) Corey (4), Kenzie (9), Omayja (5), Madison (4).  (There are birthdays coming up shortly in Feb, March and April so we can up the ages of Kenzie, Omayja and Corey to 10, 6 and 5!)   But why rush things. 

It was a busy busy Christmas!  Our daughter-in-law works so hard it makes me tired just thinking about it.  Four kids, a correspondence course, community work, chickens, goats, dogs, rabbits, cats, vehicles, housework, cooking, laundry, arbonne and on and on and on.  The morning we left we got to meet a little emergency placement one year old.  My life looks like retardedly slow motion in comparrison. 

I asked the kids a rather boring question, but no matter how inane the query, their answers are always interesting.  If you were a teacher, what very important rule would you have for your students?

Kenzie – more time to read!  Read for longer!
Kale – always wear clean underwear to school.
Omayja – don’t run around knocking things over.
Madison – (aka Omayja’s shadow/parrot) – don’t run around ummmmm…spilling water!
Corey – don’t walk in lava.  And it’s okay to wear stinky underwear if you want to.

Their dad asked a much more thought provoking question:  If you were a super hero, what would your special power be and what would you call yourself?

Kenzie – I would have the power of healing.  My name would be Mother Nature.
Kale – I’d be Captain Timber.  I’d stand in the forest pretending to be a tree and when a bad person walked by I’d fall on him.  (This could necessitate a visit from Mother Nature, perhaps….)
Omayja:  I’m Rose,  the Rose Thorn Queen.  I can shoot thorns at people!
Madison:  My name is Peanut Butter Princess.  When people talk too much I can put peanut butter in their mouth to make them stop. (This would be a lovely power for Maddy to sometimes use on herself, several of us were thinking……) 
Corey:  (whose favourite phrase to anyone who will listen is “I’m THIRSTY!”)  With a little help he came up with The Thirsty Dragon.  He would be able to breathe fire, and as a result, get thirsty.  This power would also make other people thirsty.  Kale suggested his weapons in lieu of a shield and a sword could be a cup and a straw.

I made a lot of banana bread this visit, since Jen had been stockpiling black bananas in her freezer.  After the 5th loaf Omayja wanted to know if that’s the only thing I knew how to make.  Out of the blue Madison came up with the perfect chicken name, although we hadn’t talked about that for over a week.  Snowman the Frosty!  I had to admit it’s a good one. 

Wish I could remember more.  And figure out why I have an extremely sore right shoulder that doesn’t want to get better.  I’m positive it has nothing at all to do with the three gazillion angry bird flings it helped perform on the way to a three stardom Christmas. 

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