An Album I’ll (Always??) Love

I guess it’s possible to LOVE an album and feel somewhere in the back of your head that it will never get old, but to listen to it for the rest of your life? That would be some kind of supreme torture.

I have a friend on Facebook who often updates her status with lines from songs. That’s torture of a similar kind, because whatever song the words are from gets into my head and refuses to leave until she posts a new lyrical phrase and the process begins again. Some days I want to choke her. So I’m thinking the rest-of-my-life album would have to be really really long. Like REALLY a hundred songs long, or my life shortened to less than a week to avoid going bat shit crazy listening to the same thing over and over and over.

Although it could already be too late for that crazy avoidance thing.

I’ve always liked Rod Stewart and I’ve always liked the classic oldies, or standards, or whatever you want to call them. Those old songs that artists are always dragging out of the mothballs and re-recording. Like we need three hundred different renditions of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” – that kind of thing. There’s an album called “The Complete American Songbook, Volumes 1 through 4”, and then bless his little vintage heart, Rod came out with volume 5.

So if I HAD TO, I think that’s what I’d choose to listen to for the rest of my life. Rod Stewart singing all the oldies in five volumes. Because I probably know all the words and could sing along, possibly even in my sleep.

Just thinking about it is a bit painful. Unless Rod comes out with volume six and I get to add it to the play list. If that happens, somebody please shoot me.

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