My Fitness Routine

Ah, yes. My fitness routine. Well.

Routines are just so…habitual, aren’t they?

I’d really hate to get stuck in a rut and bore myself to death with something so mundane as a routine.

And fitness is such a vague term. How fit is fit? I’m not sick. I can walk around and sit down and get back up again. Do light housework. Propel myself out of the house and into the garage. Drive a car. Shop for life’s necessities and even stay relatively alert for eight hours at a time when I go to work.

I don’t know what else you want from me. I could probably do a sit up if I had to, and I can still touch my toes but I don’t really see the point in all that physical exertion.

Hot yoga would probably kill me, so I’m avoiding it. So far this plan appears to be working because I am still alive.

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