High School Reunion

My highschool was SO small there’s only been one ‘reunion’ that I’m aware of, and that was several years back and encompassed classes from a span of 20 or 25 years.

I suppose the odds of bumping into someone I actually attended classes with was pretty good. But it was all the way across the country and the more I thought about it the less I felt like seeing people I didn’t much like in the first place and probably wouldn’t recognize anyway. How utterly depressing to see how fat and bald and crazy we’ve all turned out to be.

So nope, not for me. Unless they turn up on Facebook (and some of them have – looking old and bald and crazy) I guess our ties are forever severed. Growing old alongside someone is one thing, where the changes are smooth and gradual. It would be another thing entirely to see somebody after a 30 year interval – could prove to be too much of a shock and probably even downright scary. Worse than looking in a mirror! My heart might not survive it.

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