On Public Speaking and Some Other Completely Unrelated Things

It’s catch up time again.  I do hate to leave a question unanswered.  Everyone deserves to hear my two cents worth.  And I don’t even bother charging the two cents.  Hell of a deal.

How do you feel about public speaking?  Do you enjoy it?  How often do you do it?

I feel terrified at the prospect of standing up and talking in front of a group of people.  So that would be a big fat no to the enjoyment question.  How often do I do it?  Never if I can help it.  Two or three people listening to something I’ve got prepared I can handle without sounding like a complete moron.  I think.  Perhaps you’d have to ask those two or three people for their side of the story.

Have you ever participated in a protest?  For what cause?  If not, would you?

If you mean the public demonstrating, marching, placard waving, chanting kind of non violent protest, no I haven’t.  I guess a cause just never came up that I got that passionate about, and I think there are better ways to get a point across.  I might be persuaded to join a sit in I suppose.  As long as there were snacks.

a.) Old abandoned buildings – Cool or Creepy?  Why?  Have you ever explored one?
b.) Describe your best friend from childhood.  What did you do together?  Are you still in contact with this person?

My best friend from childhood I met when she was a little red headed girl aged five, almost six.  We went through eight years of grade school together before going off to different high schools.  One of the things we did together was to explore old abandoned farm houses. They were both creepy and cool.  And dangerous, which was a big part of the appeal.  We could have fallen through rotten floor boards and ended up in root cellars with broken limbs.  But nothing more horrible happened, as far as I can remember, than getting cobwebs in our hair and screaming about it.  And then of course there were the lectures from our parents if they found out what we were up to.

We are both grandmothers now, and sort of keep in touch, mostly via facebook, although we have had a few sporadically spaced visits over the years.  We no longer explore abandoned buildings together, having moved on to the stage in our lives where we are expected to lecture small children on why that pastime is not advisable.

Who is the last person you had a really great conversation with?  What were you discussing?

I’m not sure if it falls into the category of GREAT, but it’s a phone conversation I had less than an hour ago, in which I was called ‘honey’ several dozen times. Jenny is one of our eighty-plus year old patients who calls every two or three months to book appointments with the eye doctor, whether she needs to or not.  She may or may not show up.  She’s a little spaced out.  Perhaps we have more in common than I like to admit.  I always try to book her appointments just over two weeks ahead, giving her ample time to forget all about them.

Name a discontinued product that you wish you could still buy. 

Except maybe for that fudge chocolate bar we used to get when we were kids, I am drawing a blank here.  If a product is discontinued it means there’s a new and improved one to take its place.  In fact I think lots of times things are simply labled ‘new and improved’ even if they’re not so that people won’t feel they have to wait around for the product to actually get better.

And finally, on a completely COMPLETELY random note, I am now a great aunt.  My brother and his wife are first time grandparents.  It’s been one lovely surprise after another, the latest one being that this perfect little boy arrived 4 weeks early. Perhaps he will have a life filled with nothing but lovely surprises.