Inanimate Object

If you were an inanimate object, what would you be and why?

Nothing iffy about this one these days. I SO resemble an inanimate object that I expect pigeons to start perching on my head and shoulders at any moment. Maybe they have already and I just haven’t drummed up the ambition to notice.

Not getting deeply into the medical aspects of my recurring thyroid dysfunction (although it wouldn’t take much of a prompt to get me going on that one) I’ll simply say it’s currently a convenient excuse for my severe lethargy. I’m going for more tests and my synthroid dosage is being upped. I will be right as rain one fine day. I think that’s more or less what’s happening. Even paying attention to the doctor this morning was an effort because all I could think of was coffee. And the fact that I hadn’t had any yet. Dark, strong, hot, savory sweet smelling coffee in my starbucks Kenya mug.

So that’s the inanimate object I’d like to be. That big yellow-on-the-inside mug with the elephant on the side. Dearly loved. Cradled every morning. Cherished and embraced. Sitting around on a shelf all day with no brain. We already have a lot in common.

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