A Food I Was Surprised to Like

At an expensive restaurant once I ordered steamed asparagus. Pretty much for no other reason than simply because I could. It’s not something they dish up for you at Mcdonalds on a normal day. In the back of my head somewhere I suppose I was thinking that for that kind of money I should get something bizarre and different that wasn’t snails. (You have to draw the line somewhere.) I can roast peppers at home. Why pay someone to cook me a carrot. Apparently life on the edge for me means ordering strange side dishes.

W. asked me what the hell I was doing and reminded me that I hate asparagus. Well, yes, that WAS true when I was five, but a lot of years had passed since then. People change.

Asparagus doesn’t though. It’s still long and snake-like and a putrid green. Glomped on to the side of the plate looking nasty. The steak was delicious. So was the wine. And surprisingly enough, so was the asparagus, still crunchy under some kind of butter and herb sauce and seasoned with who knows what.

It got me thinking and trying to remember if I’d ever actually tasted it before, or if I just could never get past the way it looked. Certainly there were other foods I made up my mind about based solely on visual weirdness. Like those chinese noodles that resemble boiled earth worms.

Anyway, as good as asparagus tasted that night, I’ve never ordered it again. I never buy it and it’s not a green vegetable that I would ever think of serving to anyone. It tastes fine, but It’s butt ugly. Best to cleverly disguise it in a creamy soup and not think too hard about what it looks like in it’s original form.

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