A Fascinating Time Period

“She wore too much makeup, and she drove a car. A cigarette dangling from her acrimonious pout seemed to be a permanent fixture and you never knew whose bed you’d find her in. She consumed far too many cocktails, she listened to jazz music and she worried about little other than perfecting her status as a social butterfly. She was brash, she was bold and most of all, she despised all the social norms set in place by the generations who had gone before her. She was the flapper.”  (from Glamorous Glue)

The 1920’s – the jazz age!

Babe Ruth,

George Gershwin, Irving Berlin,

Charles Lindbergh

F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Great Gatsby.

Ernest Hemingway. Kahil Gibran.

D.H. Lawrence and Lady Chatterleys Lover.

the Group of Seven, Slavador Dali

Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Frederick Banting

Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton

Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo

Harry Houdini, Mary Pickford

Alfred Hitchcock

Cole Porter, Duke Ellington

Lon Chaney, Rudolph Valentino

The bob haircut! POLE SITTING! Dance Marathons!

I’m hardly skimming the surface of fascinating people and things.

Of course there was also prohibition, the rise of the Nazi party and heading full speed towards the great depression. It’s hard to get EVERYTHING right.

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