Professional Critic

Not sure if I have enough intrinsic motivation to be a professional critic of anything. Sounds like a lot of work to me. Although if I were paid some ridiculous sum of money just for stating my opinon about stuff I suppose I’d already have more money than God.

Professional critics should be qualified experts in their fields if they want to be taken seriously. I’ve never run a catering business or written a novel or directed a movie, so whatever I say about food and books and film is bound to be a purely subjective value judgement, having very little to do with rightness or wrongness or usefulness or meeting some lofty standard of excellence.

I like things, or I don’t like them, or I’m completely unmoved by them. An opinion on art is probably the most worthless opinion there is. Although everybody has one. So give me Art Critic as a profession, thanks very much. And pay me incredible amounts of cash to stand around sipping wine in art galleries all day.  All I need is a notepad and a thesaurus and I’m good to go.

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One thought on “Professional Critic

  1. Well said Grandmarlin . I agree with all that you have said. Critics are over-rated and over-paid.
    The only opinion thay can give is their own which does not always agree with others. When I did go to see films often they would receive poor reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed them. Each to their own…

    Have a great day


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